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2x2 Platinum

2x2 Platinum

Platinum Series (linear LED housing) gives you the ability to combine a multitude of linear LED’s into our platinum housing, providing you with a single, soft source in a controllable, quality lighting fixture. The Platinum Series works with all linear LED’s and is fast and easy to use, so you can take the same LED’s you use for backing and create a quality lighting fixture that can now be used for principal photography, saving you lots of money.


The Platinum Series is made from riveted, light-weight aluminum, is built like a tank and will provide a safe home for your expensive LED tubes, not to mention the beautiful appearance of the Platinum Series. 


    • Height: 24.75in
    • Width: 25.50in
    • Depth: 13in
    • Fixture Weight Without Tubes: 15lbs



    • Gel frame
    • 90 degree aluminum grid
    • 60 degree honeycomb grid

    For pricing, availability and ordering, email or call (323) 296-2752

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